MIT Media Lab: A Logo with 40,000 Different Variations [Video]

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Taking dynamic identities to the extreme, MIT Media Lab gets a fresh new logo, with no less than 40,000 variations.

The identity system was designed by Brooklyn-based Richard The. Here is an except explaining his reasoning behind the logo:

The logo is based on a visual system, an algorithm that produces a unique logo for each person, for faculty, staff and students. Each person can claim and own an individual shape and can use it on their business card a personal website. The design encompasses all collateral, business cards, letterhead, website, animations, signage etc. A custom web interface was developed to allow each person at the Media Lab to choose and claim an own individual logo for his/her business card, as well as a custom animation software which allows to create custom animations for any video content the lab produces.


I’m filing this one under, “simply brilliant”.

Original Source: Fast Co. Design

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