Dribbble Invite Giveaway

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Dribbble Invite

Dribbble is a show and tell community where designers and developers share screenshots of designs and applications they are working on.

The Dribbble community is invite only, and scoring an invitation is extremely competitive.

Dribbble Invitation Giveaway

I have been part of the Dribbble community for roughly six months now, and have finally been granted my first invitation.

Given the growing community we have here, I figured the fairest way to hand out the invitation would be to post a giveaway.

If you are interested in being drafted to Dribbble, please read on.

Follow These Steps

To be in the running for the Dribbble invitation, please follow the steps below:

1. Sign up to Dribbble as a prospect here.

2. Leave a comment below, including your Dribbble username and a brief comment showing your interest.

3. Email a link of your best work or portfolio to hello[AT]logobird[DOT]com.

4. Retweet this post.

I will announce our draftee on Twitter and Facebook around this time next week.

That’s it. Good luck!

  • I’m really interested in an invitation. My username on Dribbble is tonyloco

  • Dribbble username: UtterCreative
    Thanks for sharing the info, Duane !! I am interested to be drafted to Dribbble 🙂

  • brandcut

    Really interested to be drafted!
    Dribble username: brandcut

  • Please consider me.
    Dribble: richbaird

  • Would love to be considered. 😉 Dribbble User: Azio

  • Lisa

    I’d love an invite!
    Dribbble: lisaellington

  • dribbble: danijanev
    I’d really appreciate the invitation

  • dribbble: JamesDraco
    I want it, i’m graphic designer. 🙂

  • Thanks for a chance to become part of dribble – an invite would be OH! so appreciated :))
    Username: alexandra.cerovac

  • Laura Fisk

    I love dribble! So much inspiring work and I’d love to be drafted!
    Username: LauraEFisk

  • allissonsouza

    Dribbble: allissonsouza
    I’m really interested in a Dribbble invitation

  • I would love an invite! Dribble username: mkehll Portfolio: http://mkehll.me

  • Stefano

    Hi, I am a dribbble prospect around two months, so I saw how it can be usefull for sharing works, opinions and take suggestions by other designers,

    I am a new born graphic / web designer so it should be great be drafted!

    username: mntzuma

  • Hi, I would like a dribble invite. my personal portfolio is http://www.codestarlive.com/ and my prospect dribbble is http://dribbble.com/codestar

    Thanks for help!

  • Hi your dribbble invite would have a good home here in Sweden, if you feel like sending it this way! I have beena prospect for a couple of months. Username: studiotundra

  • Good afternoon!

    I’ve been a member of dribbble.com for a while now. I am in love with the site and all it has to offer.
    I’m a member of lovedsgn.com and favwork.com —but these are no comparison to dribbble.com’s community of artists.

    My dribbble.com username: samations

    The link to my portfolio: http://samations.posterous.com/pages/portfolio

    Find my recent work on favwork.com & lovedsgn.com with this username: samations

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  • Hi from cold Russia! 🙂
    I really want to be a part of Dribble)
    My Dribble username: drawn

  • Yes, I would like be bribble player to 🙂
    My nickaneme si JonnyDrake

  • Dribbble username: minimit
    I always try to be a all round designer and developer, constantly balancing creativity with logic, and it seems it works!
    My portfolio is at http://www.minimit.com

    Thanks for this opportunity

  • Fizzgui

    Thats very kind of you
    I really want to be a part of Dribble
    My portfolio is http://qishui.deviantart.com
    My Dribble username: fizzgui
    Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  • The Dribbble community is very cool – great insight, critique and tons of awesome work.
    I want to get involved and be a part of a feedback community that doesnt cost money…ahem Forrst…:)
    My username is jessewallace

  • Anyone won?

  • Hi! Would be great to get a dribble invite.

    My portfolio: http://vfolio.ca/design-portfolio.html
    Dribble username: vfolio


  • Hi, I would like to be a part of the Dribbble team so I can receive feedback on my shots and improve my game.
    My Dribbble username is: dperrella


  • Hello, i am looking for a dribble invitation.
    thank you!!

    my portfolio

    my dribble account

  • Hi!
    I have been a prospect at Dribbble for quite a while now and can not wait to become a part of this site that contains so many creative and talented artists. It would be a proud moment for me and a sign that I am doing my work right. =)
    My username: agathasanabria


  • Like you, after 6 months of waiting, I really really want my first invite. It’s so hard to enter the game…
    My Dribbble account: http://dribbble.com/_dzen
    My portfolio: http://iromeroz.carbonmade.com/


    My dribble account username is amorex this is my company if you choose me i will post every month for 1 year your company and your name for iniviating me !!! ♥ pls choose me

  • have someone any inv. ? :%

  • Christopher West

    My username is chrisbonowest

  • Ion luchian

    My username is ionluchian

  • ianamoor

    Hey beautiful people ) Need your help ;D If there is someone with Dribble invites, please give me one , and I will draw a “tasty peace of cake” for you :)))))) Or maybe the whole cake, it’s up to you

    My user name is ianamoor )
    here is my portfolio) http://www.behance.net/ianamoor

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