World’s Most Typical Person [Video]

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A little off-topic, however I found this quite fascinating, so here you go.

As the worldwide population reaches 7 billion people this year, National Geographic has produced a yearlong 7-part series exploring the challenges and solutions we (humans) face.

This video, part 2 in the series, explores the world’s most typical person.

From a design perspective, National Geographic’s design studio has done a superb job of integrating their brand language into the video.

Part 1 of the series can be viewed here.

  • arrived here via a retweeted post on twitter.. but have to say I am tickled that a site that lists a discourse disparaging forgettable logos has a pigeon as its emblem..

    am i awfully an awfully rude vagrant or a visionary ?

  • Love it ! the statistics are amazing! and now we are 7 Billion? Wow, the human population is growing fast!

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