Advice On Starting Your Own Design Business [Video]

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A lovely stop frame animation sharing advice from international designers on starting your own design business.

Featuring pearls of wisdom such as: “Talk about the client’s problems. Not your own work”.

Created by Studio Botes.

  • Anonymous

    Forty years “in the business” and I still learned something. Thanks!

  • Great stuff. Thanks for putting it up.

  • That was really wonderful video…thanks.!!

  • That was excellent. Thanks for the share

  • Really Awesome Video 🙂 Thanks For Sharing.

  • Raylene

    LOVEEE THIS…. soooo GOOD!!!! and true and funnnyyy!! LOL LOL LOL

  • Raj

    Hey this is a great video… 

    You guys should offer this as a service and make promotional videos for businesses

    We would be looking for this sort of service … that’s how I found this blog post

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