Apple Store in Hamburg Vandalised with Windows Logo [Video]

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An Apple Store under construction in Hamburg, Germany has been vandalised with a Windows logo.

A group called .wav (We Are Visual) posted this video of the prank in action.


It’s surprising to see how easy the stunt was to pull off.

Just a bit of harmless fun.

Via Edible Apple

  • Incredible how it all happened in the light of day. Hence the store was not yet open.

    This makes me think of people like Banksy in the UK or Invader in Paris France.

    Fail or Win?

    • Win, for sure!

      • I agree Duane, being a fan of the aftermentioned Banksy and Invader I give this a thumbs up. It will be two thumbs up if a Windows store will be vandalised with Apple’s logo. …But we don’t want Windows’ stores around.

  • This is fantastic, people don’t question anyone in uniforms, It works because of the quality of the actual logo they created, they could have put anything up.

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