Clever Minimal Business Card Design

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Minimalist Business Card Design

This is Google employee, Boris Smus’ attempt to create the most minimal business card design possible. The concept uses his email address to uncover his first name, last name, website and twitter account.

I’m not convinced this method would be effective for everybody, but I admire his approach in fitting as much information as possible within a constrained space.

What do you think?

(Via Kottke)


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  • I like it. It’s right up my alley but, yeah, not sure everyone will get it. Tried a similar approach with my cards before where I didn’t include my web address, just my email (which contained my web address like this one) but people would always ask for it. You have to really spell things out or people just don’t see it. I think he tries to do that but I’d be willing to bet many will still ask.

    • I’m sure there will be some confusion. Would be interesting to find out how it works out for him 6 months down the track.

  • Anonymous

    Yeh – i didnt get it at first …. i thought that what was written there was the business name and all those lines was where the email, website and twitter web adresses went. whatever it is… people will need time to get used to this format..
    as everyone is used to seeing it like this 
    email. …etc
    and also inorder to do that, you have to make sure that all those names are available – on all those sites 
    not everybody can have that… like my name and all the names i wanted was already taken on twitter … =(
    anyway i think it is a clever concept but i agreee it is not effective for everybody =)

    • Wouldn’t work out for me either. Don’t get me started on Twitter names being taken 😉

  • I like it, but as has already been said, the trick is to have the domain and twitter handle available (*ponders available domains)…

    • It’s a good trick. You have to give the guy props for trying.

  • Absolutely brilliant. 

  • Never saw something similar, brilliant!

  • Good point, David. 

    Not sure why, but your comments always marked as spam 😐 Apologies for the delayed approval.

  • Anonymous

    brilliant , what if person has no web. wheres phone no?

  • Ani

    awesome and genius

  • It’s pretty clever. Everyone ought to be able to get it at this day and age.

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