Clever Minimal Business Card Design

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Minimalist Business Card Design

This is Google employee, Boris Smus’ attempt to create the most minimal business card design possible. The concept uses his email address to uncover his first name, last name, website and twitter account. I’m not convinced this method would be effective for everybody, but I admire his approach in fitting as much information as possible within a constrained space. What do you think? (Via Kottke) #### Stay in the loop To stay updated on our projects & cool finds on… Read more

New Google Chrome Logo Unveiled

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A redesign of the Google Chrome logo has just been unveiled.   While this may not be ground-breaking news, with Chrome being a favoured web browser among our readers, I thought this was at least worth a mention. Personally, I think the removal of the previous logo’s tacky 3D effects is a step in the right direction. Yet another win for simplification. For your reference, the old Google Chrome logo is pictured below. What do you think?… Read more

Google Design Job on Dribbble

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As advertised on Dribbble, Google is hiring icon designers! From the official job description: As a graphic designer, you are responsible for creating and maintaining high visibility graphics and visual assets that define the look and feel of Google. You will also be responsible for creating iconography and branding elements for both new and existing Google products. You work closely with product manager, marketing managers, and engineers to create high impact visual assets, both static and interactive. You will work… Read more

Logo Design and Google’s Personal Block List

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Many legitimate designers understand the frustration of trying to achieve a decent Google ranking for design-related search terms. Try a search for ‘logo design’ for example – the results are infested with logo warehouses. Today Google released a Chrome extension that allows users to block and report sites with shallow or low-quality content from their personal search results. Will this change the poor state of Google search? I doubt it. For personal gratification however, it’s a win.… Read more

More on Google and Logo Designers

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This brief guest post was written by Perth-based Customer Experience Design and Marketing Consultant, Bernadette Jiwa. The article is in response my previous post on Google and logo design. More food for thought perhaps. _______ Couldn’t you just throw your hands in the air and jump up and down doing a merry dance at the unfairness of how Google ranks logo designers. The good guys (and girls), the really great guys can’t possibly get a look in. Search is flawed, … Read more