New NBCUniversal Logo – Iconic Peacock Dropped

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A new logo controversy is upon us with the news that the NBC Universal logo has been redesigned – dropping its globe silhouette and iconic Peacock.

The redesign marks the takeover of NBC Universal by media conglomerate Comcast. With the takeover NBC Universal has also been renamed to NBCUniversal.

Old NBC Universal Logo


New NBCUniversal Logo


Before getting all up in arms about the change it is important to note that the iconic NBC network logo (pictured below) will remain unchanged.

NBC Logo

The new NBCUniversal logo is said to be for internal company use only, and according to their new chief executive Steve Burke the logo will be used “in a very limited way for corporate things.”

Very boring ‘corporate things’ I assume.


NBCUniversal Logo Might Be ‘The Gap Logo’ Of 2011, Brandchannel

Lost in the Comcast Takeover? A Logo’s Peacock, New York Times

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  • Kevin Powell

    While not as bad as the GAP fiasco, this isn’t all that hot. It looks dated already, which obviously isn’t a good sign. To be fair to them, I can understand why a chance was needed, and it probably photocopies / faxes better for the business junk they’ll be using it for. I just hope they didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it.

    I’d probably be a lot more harsh if it was to be used on a larger scale, but since this is probably the last I’ll see of it (save on the other blogs I follow who’ll undoubtably jump on this), I don’t really think it’s such a big deal if it’s ugly or not. Some execs and secretaries will be the only people who’ll regularly be subjected to it.

  • Gmsdesigns

    Here’s a little history of NBC’s branding and rebranding over the years.
    You’d think with all of Comcasts mega millions they could hire a competent designer. I suppose the good news is they didn’t crowd source it or have a design contest judged by some lame NBC celebrity.

  • How to get rid of a very recognizable and iconic brand in a few days. What was NBC thinking?

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