Retro Logo Goodness

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Just stumbled across this outstanding Flickr set titled, Retro Logo Goodness — a study in retro/vintage logos.

Nothing like a bit of logo porn to cap off a busy week. Enjoy!

Retro Logo


See the full Flickr set here.

Source: Coudal

  • Bill S Kenney

    That Flyers logo looks amazing, go Bruins :)

    • Duane Kinsey

      To be honest Bill, I had know idea it was the Flyers logo. I just loved the design;)

      • Bill S Kenney

        The best I have ever seen it. It’s amazing how removing color and the unnecessary outline reveals a super mark.

  • Andres Sanchez

    Awesome Retro Logo Goodness!

  • Michael Bretherton

    Mono greatness. Thanks for sharing.

  • Epic Magazine

    Awesome designs …..

  • go nawaz go

    go nawaz go

    • Najam Ganja

      YEah Go Ganja Go

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