New JCPenny Logo Unveiled

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If you haven’t already heard the news, American retailer JCPenny has just unveiled a ‘bold new logo’.


According to the official press release:

To choose a new logo design, jcpenney sought submissions that reflect a wide range of perspectives. Participants included the Company’s associates, several design agencies and two art schools — University of Cincinnati and Rhode Island School of Design — that collectively submitted over 200 designs for consideration.

The ‘winning entry’ was designed by a third-year graphic design student from the University of Cincinnati…

In my opinion, this is rebranding disaster of GAP-like proportions.

This post from Brand New sums it up best.

  • yep, that sentence sums it up… “this is rebranding disaster of GAP-like proportions.”

    🙁 sad face

  • No. I thought I liked it at first (probably because I never liked the old logo) but after looking at the new logo more, it’s worse. Same typeface, GAP square. They do look strangely similar.

  • Anonymous

    This really makes you wonder if the student submitted it as a sarcastic parody to the gap logo …..

  • .

    With the new logo I can’t keep myself from reading the name as JC Enny.

  • approved

  • approved

  • Bremer187

    You guys don’t get it. We live in an age of compressed messaging. Gatorade is now G. Yellow Pages is yp. Apple aps are the driving force and new standard for any logo. It has to look good in a half inch square. This id brillient because the red jcp is ready made as an app. Wake up people. It’s 2011!

  • Steve Ater

    Shame on RISD and Cincinnati for participating in this. It is proven over and over again that crowd-sourcing and logo contests only add pollution to our world. This is not design and not Intelligent.

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