New Google Chrome Logo Unveiled

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A redesign of the Google Chrome logo has just been unveiled.



While this may not be ground-breaking news, with Chrome being a favoured web browser among our readers, I thought this was at least worth a mention.

Personally, I think the removal of the previous logo’s tacky 3D effects is a step in the right direction. Yet another win for simplification.

For your reference, the old Google Chrome logo is pictured below.


What do you think?

  • Looks super cheap, like something that came out of a crowdsourcing contest for $5. Also, it’s a browser so probably this is going to be an icon, which means it’s going to be the ugliest icon in my OS X dock. 🙁

  • cth

    I agree with Mariusz.

  • Anonymous

    Aside from the discussions when it was first introduced i.e. this is an improvement. Most icons are designed now with this whole three-dimensional aspect and though they make look cool, having it two-dimensional makes it stand out a bit.

    I wouldn’t mind the first iteration so much if wasn’t for the angle at which it sits — slightly tilted upwards — it just never sat well with me. I always ended up staring directly at that blue center. The new rendering is clean and has a more complete and whole feel to it. If anything looks cheap, it’s the first icon — that one looks tacky and made of plastic.

    This new one is well rendered, balanced and overall more applicable to different forms of media. Lastly, as opposed to the first one, the new one works perfect if was in black and white — a true paradigm of a successful logo design.

  • That’s much better :). I love it. Mostly because 3D was cool like 5 years ago when was something really flashy and new. And I think it will stay just fine in the Dock.

  • Anonymous

    It looks super ugly in my dock. The thin white ring around the blue center looks really bad for small icon sizes.

  • I don’t like either!

  • Much better, cleaner look and minimalist design. Glossy 3D is so “eye candy ish” shouldn’t be used for brand identity.

  • I like the old one best.

  • The new design looks flat and too plain, if I wasn’t already using Chrome and saw the new logo I wouldn’t even want to try it.

  • I agree with most of the commenters: the new icon sucks and it’s the ugliest thing on my OS X dock at the moment. Shouldn’t they still be able to use a simpler logo without totally stripping out all visual interest…? (Look at Firefox’s logo)

    The old logo gave you a sense that you were running some kind of hardcore intelligent robotic platform that was going to make your web browsing experience faster and better than anything else…

    The new logo is just 4 colors that resemble an iris. Where’s the depth? Where’s the personality? Where’s the story? Just because you’re Google doesn’t mean you need to dumb down everything into it’s simplest form… Hopefully they’ll still give us the option of using the old icon in the preferences.

  • Migueldsgn

    I really don’t understand why people is complaining so much about this logo. For me it’s not a problem, I just have to replace it and use the old one. Problem solved.

  • Ruchira

    Oh it’s horrid!!! I echo what most of the comments say, I would never download something with such a primitive logo if I was to try Chrome for the first time.

    I just feel like something’s awfully icky with my taskbar every time I see it.

  • Centraldeluxe

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. Hands down. I don’t understand why people like those super cheesy 3D effects in a logo. The flattened version is much better.

    • Habib Alamin

      Because it’s not a logo, it’s an icon. I know I’m late, I was just reminiscing about the days when Chrome had a great icon.

  • Steve

    Design is fine the tones are garrish

  • Tanjunz0430

    simple is better!! thump up!!

  • iqahapizi

    I’m probably wayyyy too late in the discussion. But have anyone realized yet, that the logo’s totally made up of 3 6s? 666. Now what did that tell you?

  • Mikey Zimmerman

    😛 I liked the 3D one better. It looks like tech from the future. Just like HTML5. The two were MADE for each other!

    Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look up the HTML5 logo from W3C’s site. They have stickers saying “I’ve seen the future: It’s in my browser”.

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