The Science Channel Rebrands [Video]

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The Science Channel has been rebranded by creative studio and production company, Imaginary Forces. The rebrand is centred around a fictional character, Morph – whom you will meet in the slick introductory video below. In an interview with Fast Co. Design, Art Director Ronnie Koff boldly states: Now that technology has reached the point where everything is some moving form of media, logos are going to be designed for that kind of media first. There’s no reason to make a… Read more

Freelancer [Infographic]

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I’m not a fan of the term, ‘freelancer’. Personally, I think the term ‘consultant’ presents a more professional image to clients. But hey, that’s just me. Regardless of my personal views, I found this infographic from Socialcast quite interesting, and I’m sure many of you will too. Perhaps the most telling statistic is: Only 8.1% of freelancers want to return to full-time employment. Via The Next Web… Read more

Canadian Olympic Team Rebrand

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The Canadian Olympic team has been rebranded by Vancouver-based designer, Ben Hulse. The Canadian Olympic Team began competing in the modern Olympic Games in the early 1900’s. Over a century of stories, themes, and iconography, influenced this comprehensive rebrand which included brand strategy, brand architecture, marks, typography, colour, graphics, photography style, writing style, brand guidelines and launch video. The brand strategy was repositioned to focus on the team rather than the committee, and our goal was to deliver a classic… Read more

Apple Store in Hamburg Vandalised with Windows Logo [Video]

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An Apple Store under construction in Hamburg, Germany has been vandalised with a Windows logo. A group called .wav (We Are Visual) posted this video of the prank in action. It’s surprising to see how easy the stunt was to pull off. Just a bit of harmless fun. Via Edible Apple… Read more

Helvetica Type Sandwiches

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These delicious-looking Helvetica Type Sandwiches from David Scwen actually made me hungry. Prints available for purchase on Society6. Source: Coudal Partners… Read more

Heineken Visual Identity Update [Video]

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If, like me, you missed the update to Heineken’s visual identity last year, this short video will bring you up to speed. The presentation really underlines the fact that often subtle changes are the most effective. Hat tip to Jacob Cass via Twitter.… Read more

3D Paper Infographics

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3D paper infographics created by Lim Siang Ching, a soon to be graduate of LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Absolutely stunning. See more at Pattern Matters. Via Information Is Beautiful.… Read more

Designers Discuss the Fear of Failure [Video]

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Berghs School of Communication asked leading designers and creators to discuss an all too important topic – the fear of failure. As expected, Milton Glaser provides a particularly insightful perspective. See more on Berghs School of Communication’s graduation exhibition site or Vimeo. via Brain Pickings… Read more

Mac vs. PC User Debate [Infographic]

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I usually avoid the entire Mac vs PC debate. I find it rather pointless — much like debating which football team is the best. Regardless, this infographic from Hunch has been doing the rounds and I thought it was worth sharing. It points out such interesting facts as: PC users like Tuna sandwiches, while Mac users prefer Shawarma. What do you think?  … Read more

The Back of Popular Webpages

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Have you ever wondered what the back of a popular webpage looked like? Me neither. Nonetheless, I found this project very clever.   See them all on Via Subtraction… Read more

Honest Logos

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Here is a series of honest logos created by Viktor Hertz. A selection of our favourites below. Which are your favorites?… Read more

F*ck You, Pay Me – Design Business Advice [Video]

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An important part of becoming a successful designer is also developing the skills to run a successful business. Mike Monterio from Mule Design telling it like it is. Another excellent installment from Creative Mornings. Source: Roger Byrne via Twitter… Read more

Minimalist Logo Paintings

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Paintings of logos stripped back to their basic graphic forms. Brought to you by We Are Dorothy. Quite reminiscent of Unevolved Brands. Source: Creative Review on Twitter.… Read more

We Love Logo Poster

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  This “We Love Logo” poster is from GoodLogo. consists of 82 black, 38 red and 1 black & red colored logos. The logos are positioned on a grid in such a way a red heart is constructed out of the red logos. Offset prints available for purchase for €15.00. Nice poster. Too bad it’s probably illegal. Source: Quipsologies… Read more