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I’m not a fan of the term, ‘freelancer’. Personally, I think the term ‘consultant’ presents a more professional image to clients.

But hey, that’s just me.

Regardless of my personal views, I found this infographic from Socialcast quite interesting, and I’m sure many of you will too.


Perhaps the most telling statistic is: Only 8.1% of freelancers want to return to full-time employment.

Via The Next Web

  • Interesting statistics, thanks for sharing this cool stuff, Duane & Natalie.

    • No problem Carlos, glad you found it interesting.

  • gerry suchy

    Thanks for finding this Duane, intriguing as per your usual. Here’s some arcane trivia for you re “Freelancer” the term first appeared in the 1800’s in the novel “Ivanhoe” by Sir Walter Scott. The term was used to describe a mercenary warrior or a “free lance” meaning a warrior who was not sworn to any King or Lord.  An interesting concept when you consider how some freelancers always seem to be doing battle with their clients over all manner of things. Consultant has a much more friendly feel to it and no images of blood shed come to mind. Something to think about…

    • Thanks for some background Gerry, I had no idea where the term came from. Just another reason not to call myself a “Freelancer.” Cheers!

    • Adela Steopan

      Indeed great to know the background, thank you Gerry. I think is very contextual to be honest…personally my preference will go towards “freelancer” the reason and reality being that “courage” and diligence  is needed sometimes to “diplomatically” draw the line in the sand knowing that your expertise will benefit the client rather then just obey 🙂 or  “sworn to any King or Lord”  of aesthetics just to get the job done …  Of course consequences are that you might loose the sword but at least you know you’ve done the right thing. 

      • Well said, Adela. Putting it in that context is just perfect.

  • Adela Steopan

    Thank you Duane. Great share….

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