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This “We Love Logo” poster is from GoodLogo.

consists of 82 black, 38 red and 1 black & red colored logos. The logos are positioned on a grid in such a way a red heart is constructed out of the red logos.

Offset prints available for purchase for €15.00.

Nice poster. Too bad it’s probably illegal.

Source: Quipsologies

  • No Focus Lab icon?….we were prime picking for that 🙂 Nice job!

  • This brings up a good question. What are the legal issues around using logos in a book or other editorialized material (this poster). Doesn’t Fair Use cover this?

    • I don’t think fair use would cover this. The main problem being that they are actually making money from it.

  • Lovely idea and I just ordered it.
    Because it’s just for private home wall decoration I don’t care if it’s illegal or not.

  • Michiel

    Very nice! I’ll take 2, one for my apartment and one when it becomes illegal and becomes worth a lot of money

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