World’s Most Typical Person [Video]

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A little off-topic, however I found this quite fascinating, so here you go. As the worldwide population reaches 7 billion people this year, National Geographic has produced a yearlong 7-part series exploring the challenges and solutions we (humans) face. This video, part 2 in the series, explores the world’s most typical person. From a design perspective, National Geographic’s design studio has done a superb job of integrating their brand language into the video. Part 1 of the series can be… Read more

Google Design Job on Dribbble

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As advertised on Dribbble, Google is hiring icon designers! From the official job description: As a graphic designer, you are responsible for creating and maintaining high visibility graphics and visual assets that define the look and feel of Google. You will also be responsible for creating iconography and branding elements for both new and existing Google products. You work closely with product manager, marketing managers, and engineers to create high impact visual assets, both static and interactive. You will work… Read more

3D Portraits Made From Screws

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These 3D portraits by California-based artist, Andrew Myers are simply fascinating. They have been painstakingly created from thousands of screws. “Most people are drawn to the portraits because they have something different about them (from a distance especially). Seeing them in person is a whole different feel than seeing the photograph. They have a sense of depth that the photo can’t capture.” – Andrew Myers Hat tip to @David Airey / Original Source: My Modern Met… Read more

Second Chance: Win a Copy of Logo Design Love

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If you missed out on picking up a free copy of Logo Design Love in our recent giveaway, this is your second chance. One of our giveaway winners, Gerry Suchy, already owns copy of Logo Design Love and has generously offered to donate his prize copy to another reader. Wow, what a super nice guy! How to Enter To enter the second chance giveaway, all you need to do is subscribe to Logobird via email. Email subscribers get fresh blog… Read more

Redesigning the Twitter Bird Logo

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Designer and illustrator, Phil Pascuzzo on redesigning the Twitter bird logo. Biz (Twitter Co-founder) had sent over the bird mark that he designed, which Twitter was using at the time. I think he said something to the effect of “can you redesign this logo and add some Phil-style.”  Being a Twitter newbie, I did some research and asked friends that used this communication tool so that I had a better idea of what the product was. Giving the mark more… Read more

New JCPenny Logo Unveiled

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If you haven’t already heard the news, American retailer JCPenny has just unveiled a ‘bold new logo’. According to the official press release: To choose a new logo design, jcpenney sought submissions that reflect a wide range of perspectives. Participants included the Company’s associates, several design agencies and two art schools — University of Cincinnati and Rhode Island School of Design — that collectively submitted over 200 designs for consideration. The ‘winning entry’ was designed by a third-year graphic design… Read more

Hand Drawn Metal Logos

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A truly impressive collection of metal logos, hand-drawn by Christophe Szpajdel in 2010. If you are unfamiliar with Christophe’s unique skillset, check out this previous interview on Logo Design Love. View the full Flickr set here. Source: Cloudal… Read more

Lovely Stationery

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The guys behind Lovely Package have a new addition to the family, Lovely Stationery. Sure to be an excellent source of inspiration. Hat tip to Blair Thomson via Twitter.… Read more

Live The Language Series [Video]

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This video series directed by Gustav Johansson blew me away. A perfect blend of typography and pure cinematic brilliance. Paris Barcelona London Beijing Hat tip to Jason Cotterell / Source: Fast Co. Design… Read more

Japanese Kanji Food Pictograms

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These Japanese food pictograms have been around for a couple of years. They are new to me however, so I thought they were well worth sharing. Created by Japanese graphic designer, Masaki Hiromura, a food symbol is used to replace a stroke of each Kanji character. Very clever. Via: @Issue… Read more

Saul Bass Movie Poster Exhibition

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An exhibition of rare Saul Bass movie posters has just opened in London. If you can’t make it there in person, Eye Magazine has some of the works available to view on Flickr.… Read more

Logo Design and Google’s Personal Block List

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Many legitimate designers understand the frustration of trying to achieve a decent Google ranking for design-related search terms. Try a search for ‘logo design’ for example – the results are infested with logo warehouses. Today Google released a Chrome extension that allows users to block and report sites with shallow or low-quality content from their personal search results. Will this change the poor state of Google search? I doubt it. For personal gratification however, it’s a win.… Read more

Reelizer Film Posters

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Reelizer is a website dedicated to the fine art of film posters. Curated by Roger Erik Tinch. Well worth a look. Source: Daring Fireball… Read more