Logo and Brand Identity Design Resources August 2010

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It’s that time of the month again, where I like to give out some “link love” and share some of the best logo and brand identity design resources from around the web. August has been yet another huge month packed with plenty of quality posts.

Instead of making this monthly roundup a free-for-all, this month I have restricted the list to just 10 resources. Although this means that some really good articles didn’t make the cut, it also ultimately means that the quality of the posts listed below is super high!

As usual, where possible I have also added the Twitter name of the source of the article.

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Logo and Brand Identity Design Resources

1. Logo mash-ups, part one and Logo mash-ups, part two via Johnson Banks

What do you get when you combine two logos? Take a look at some of these interesting logo mash-ups.

Durex Logo Mashup

2. Is The FedEx Arrow In The Logo Useless? – via Brian Yerkes

Brian Yerkes questions whether the negative space arrow in the FedEx logo has a purpose.

3. Logo Design Process: Ear Center Audiology via Brand Clay

Logo design process for Sean Farrell, including some great sketches.


4. 12 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid via Just Creative Design

Solid article from Jacob Cass explaining 12 very common mistakes that logo designers make, and how to avoid them!

5. Tutorial: A logo seemingly photographed on textured paper via Imjustcreative

Improve your portfolio by adding a textured background. An excellent tutorial from Graham Smith.


6. Gaining perspective in your logo designs via Imjustcreative

Graham Smith gives a personal example of why getting feedback for your design is so important.

7. Corporate Brand Identity for Radon via Behance

Very impressive corporate brand identity for Radon.


8. The plain truth about logo design contests via The Logo Factory

Steve Douglas breaks-down “the truth” about logo design contests. One of the best posts I have read on the topic.

9. 360 Perfomance Driving Identity Design via Ty Mattson

Stunning Identity design by Ty Mattson for 360 Performance Driving Academy. Includes some very cool performance driving videos!

360 Performance Driving Academy

10. 20 Logo design characters – a personal portfolio via Leighton Hubbell

A collection of 20 logo design characters straight from the personal portfolio of Leighton Hubbell.

Updated 31/08/2010 – Late Entry

11. Identity Designed Blog Launched – via David Airey

I couldn’t leave the announcement of David Airey’s new blog, Identity Designed of the list for this month. The site already looks like a brilliant showcase of identity design work. You can also follow Identity Designed on Twitter and Facebook.

Identity Designed

Logobird Update and Thank You

Since launching the Logobird blog approximately 6 months ago, I have been amazed by the positive support that I have received from readers and the community at large. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has supported myself and the blog so far! It has been a great fun and a huge learning experience.

While I would like to increase my posting frequency (right now I am averaging a bit over 1 post per week), due to an influx of new logo and identity design clients, managing my own time is becoming increasingly challenging. With that said this blog will always be a huge part of Logobird, and I will do my best to make sure that quality content keeps coming.

My goal for this blog is to get over 1000 subscriber mark by the end of this year. If you haven’t yet picked up the Logobird RSS feed, please subscribe here to show your support.

As a quick reference, here is a list of posts on Logobird for the past month (In order of Twitter popularity).

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Logo Designer Interviews: Leighton Hubbell

How To: Fix Adobe InDesign to PDF Character Conversion Problem

If you have a comment or feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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