Logo and Brand Identity Design Resources October 2010

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It’s time for the monthly logo design resource roundup once again.

This month’s post has a slightly different format from those previous. I felt that the old ten link format was a little bloated, so this month the list has been reduced to just five links.

The links below are what I personally consider “must read”. I hope you find them valuable.

1. Unevolved Brands via Imjustcreative

Unevolved Brands is a study of logo and brand simplification, launched by Graham Smith. Each logo is ‘unevolved’ to simple circles and it is the challenge of the viewer to guess which company the simplified logo represents. The concept is great fun and has been garnering attention from the likes of Gizmodo and Buzzfeed. Graham has also recently announced that there is the possibility of an iPhone/iPad app on the horizon. Can’t wait!

2. Is a logo or website more important for your business? via Little Box of Ideas

If you were launching a new company and had to pick between the logo or website to be designed first , which one would you choose? For me it is a no-brainer of course, the logo. Interesting discussion though.

3. One client, one logo via Mark McCorkell

How many logo concepts should you present to your clients? Hint: quality over quantity.

4. Logo warehouses, crowdsourcing, and a lack of understanding via Logo Design Love

Highlighting the value of professional logo design and its strategic role in brand identity.

5. Where GAP went wrong via Logo Design Love

This month’s headlines where dominated by the GAP logo redesign fiasco. Personally, I am completely over it (as I am sure many of you are). This post is an excellent analysis of where it all went wrong.


That’s a wrap for another month folks. Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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