Japan Earthquake Tributes

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The devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan, provides yet another reminder of just how fragile life can be.

Having spent quite a bit of time in Japan over the years, personally the past 24 hours have been very worrying. Thankfully, I can report that my friends and family living in Japan are all okay.

It’s always nice to see the design community coming together to support a worthy cause, and these designs on Dribbble are a thoughtful tribute to the recent tragedy.


Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design has made his Japan tribute design available for download.

To make a direct contribution to the rescue and recovery efforts in Japan, I encourage you to donate to the Red Cross.

  • I actually find these quite distasteful, regardless of what their actual motivations were, it comes across as using this natural disaster as a means of self promotion.

    • Hey Paul, I admit to being very cynical at times but i’m not sure if I agree with you. If the intentions of the designer were pure (and I will give them the benefit of the doubt on this occasion), I don’t see the problem.
      Cheers mate!

      • Additionally, I lived in Japan for 3 years and my wife is half-Japanese. Trust me, I would have been the first person to take offence.
        With that said however, I appreciate your opinion mate:)

    • Bradley John

      I have to agree with Paul. While some of the logos are respectful, I find the one by Jacob Cass to be designed more for personal promotion, particularly as he is giving it away as a poster (Is he hoping his design catches on and becomes an official logo? His actions would be different if he sold a poster and gave the money to charity). I also do not like the way he has tried to draw attention to his own ‘tribute’ logo in the comments of Michael Spitz’s design. “I’ve noticed people updating their profile pics to this tear image” he says, trying to make it sound popular without saying it is actually his logo, and then posting a link to his website. I also find his design tasteless. A red tear shape that looks more like a drop of blood is not an appropriate or tasteful representation. It was not a war or a slaughter, but a terrible and unfortunate loss of innocent lives in a natural disaster. Duane, I hope your Japanese friends and family are safe and well.

      • Thanks for the well wishes Bradley. Everybody is safe and accounted for.

        I’m not sure what Jacob’s intentions were, but really appreciate your opinion on the matter. Cheers:)

      • Jacob Cass

        Hi Bradley,
        Everyone is entitled to their opinion Bradley, but I believe your opinions are misguided in the context of my personal piece. My tribute image was designed as a way to show my feelings towards the natural disaster… how you interpret is up to you but the feedback on Twitter, Facebook, my blog & email has been extremely positive thus far & people have been using it as a way to raise funds & show support for Japan which I think is great.

        It is also worth noting that the image was released free of charge and at no point have I asked for credit for the image.

        Duane, glad to hear everyone is safe.

      • Jacob Cass

        Just to follow up, the ‘Japan Tribute’ design has made its way onto Second Life and has since raised over $13,000 in virtual sales with 100% of all proceeds going to charity. Glad to see so many people get behind this initiative, so thank you!

  • I live in Kanagawa pref. Japan. Even our area, we often being alerted against big earth quake still tonight. and we may not be able to sleep well tonight too. Now many Japanese are keep thinking about what actually can we do to save our family, to help sufferer. and sharing knowledge of each experience against suffering from big earthquake (or nuclear, or tsunami) via internet. of course we are glad at your praying for us, but also glad at your giving knowledge and thinking together. or even if you think and take care about other world issue (for example about Libya), we are thanks for your action coz we can hardly think about other country now. so please think about what actually can we do ,together. Tear and fear are the next, not now. thanks for reading my broken English.

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