Animated History of the iPhone [Video]

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This animated history of the iPhone rocks. From the creators, CNET UK: The iPhone might be at the cutting edge of technology but it took a long time and many innovations to get there, take a trip through history and explore the people and technology that contributed to the iPhone becoming what it is today. (via Laughing Squid)… Read more

iOS 5 GUI PSD for iPhone 4S by Teehan+Lax

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iPhonee 4S

The wonderful people at Toronto-based digital agency, Teehan+Lax have put together a comprehensive iOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S), and made it available for everyone to download. Here are a few shots of what’s included in the PSD. I also recommend that you take a look at a useful blog entry from earlier this year – How to Design Pixel Perfect Photoshop Files for iOS Apps. Teehan+Lax’s site is a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in developing apps for… Read more

Just Launched: Best Burgers London iPhone App

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Best Burgers London

If you don’t live in London, will never visit London, and/or you have no interest in burgers or iPhone apps, you may want to tune out now. Two months have past since we released our first iPhone app, Best Sandwiches London. Almost immediately after launch sales of the app took off, initially boosted by an article on The Next Web, then propelled forward by the app getting featured in both the New and Noteworthy and What’s Hot categories of the… Read more

Brandversations Logo Project

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Brandversations is a project by Stefan Asafti that pits competing brands against one another. Each brand’s logo is composed of the logo of its long standing competitor. Brand slogans have also been switched. There have always existed disputes among the competing parties, divergent opinions, while the fans of each brand were convinced that theirs was the best product. Last, but not least, the rivals have even conducted ad campaigns against the competing brands. This project mostly approaches the visual “conversations”… Read more

Stop Designing Forgettable Logos

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This guest post was written by Paul Galbraith, a freelance logo designer based in the UK, who works with clients worldwide to produce successful logos, identities and rebrands for all types of businesses. ### With thousands of logos being created each year, it makes it extremely difficult for new ones to be designed that have something distinguishable to make them stand out, whilst staying simple enough to be memorable. This difficulty could well mean you’re producing logos that, although well… Read more