Logo Project: Branding 10,000 Lakes

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Branding 10,000 Lakes is a personal project by art director, Nicole Meyer. Nicole will be creating one logo for one Minnesota lake, everyday.

Lake logos have a tendency to be, well, fairly ugly. This project was created to rethink what they could be.

Minnesota has 11,842 lakes, which means this project it set to run for at least 27 years. Good luck, Nicole!

(Via Coudal)

  • Very interesting project. I just returned from vacation in MN where I grew up so this especially caught my eye. I love the idea and it looks there are some interesting treatments that have been done to start. Hope to see area and usage influences possibly on future explorations. Nice job!

    • Hi Eric, Minnesota looks to be a beautiful part of the country — no doubt, giving Nicole plenty of inspiration to draw from. I’m also looking forward to seeing how this project develops.

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