Branding the American Government

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According to Steven Heller: The Soviets and Nazis were not, in fact, more skilled than American branders. While I think that’s debatable, these logos are impressive nonetheless. (via Coudal)… Read more

Logo Project: Branding 10,000 Lakes

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Branding 10,000 Lakes is a personal project by art director, Nicole Meyer. Nicole will be creating one logo for one Minnesota lake, everyday. Lake logos have a tendency to be, well, fairly ugly. This project was created to rethink what they could be. Minnesota has 11,842 lakes, which means this project it set to run for at least 27 years. Good luck, Nicole! (Via Coudal)… Read more

Vintage Branding Inspiration

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Vintage Branding Inspiration

By now, you probably know that I’ve got a bit of a ‘thing’ for vintage logos and branding. As you can see here, here, and here. Just when I thought I’d seen every possible collection available on the web, I stumbled across this lovely Flickr set, featuring logos from a mid-70’s edition of the World Book of Logotypes. Lovely. Thanks Coudal.… Read more

Symbol Book Review and Giveaway

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Symbol Book Review

Update: Giveaway Winners Announced Congratulations Bill S Kenney, Keri Thornton, and Matt Yow — a copy of Symbol will be on its way to you shortly. If you lucked out this time, don’t despair. We’ll be giving away a copy of the limited-run, Codex magazine next week. Stay tuned! ### During our move from Australia to London, one unfortunate casualty was our collection of design books. Being heavy, and therefore too expensive to ship, they now sit in storage, gathering… Read more

More Vintage Logos, Circa 1950s to 1960s

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Vintage Logo Collection

This stunning collection of vintage logos (1950s to 1960s) came to my attention via the always interesting, Aqua Velvet. These vintage Japanese logos really really caught my eye. Expo ’70 Osaka Logo   Kokusai International Travel Logo   There are plenty more where they came from, so be sure to check out the complete Flickr set. Also, if you are a fan of vintage logos, Retro Logo Goodness and Scandinavian Logos from the 60s and 70s may be of interest… Read more

Honest Logos

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Here is a series of honest logos created by Viktor Hertz. A selection of our favourites below. Which are your favorites?… Read more

Minimalist Logo Paintings

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Paintings of logos stripped back to their basic graphic forms. Brought to you by We Are Dorothy. Quite reminiscent of Unevolved Brands. Source: Creative Review on Twitter.… Read more

Top 20 Logos of All Time via Creative Review

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The April issue of Creative Review has just gone on sale, featuring their top 20 logos of all time. Loving the cover art by Alex Trochut. Judging from the teaser shots over on the Creative Review blog, this issue looks like a must-have. Single issues can be ordered by calling +44(0)207 292 3703. They do ship internationally. No spoilers at this stage. Via: Creative Review… Read more

Hand Drawn Metal Logos

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A truly impressive collection of metal logos, hand-drawn by Christophe Szpajdel in 2010. If you are unfamiliar with Christophe’s unique skillset, check out this previous interview on Logo Design Love. View the full Flickr set here. Source: Cloudal… Read more

12 Greatest Comic Book Logos

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Renowned comic letterer, Todd Klein, compiles a list of the 12 best comic book logos of all time. First on the list, Superman of course. See the rest at Comic Book Resources. Source: Quipsologies… Read more

15 Logo Design Tips for the Real World

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Apple Wallpaper

While I have experienced both successes and failures as a designer, one thing is for sure, I have certainly learnt a lot along the way. To impart some of this knowledge, in this post, you will find fifteen useful logo design tips. 1. It all starts with the brief Okay, this first one is really a given. Building a comprehensive design brief upfront is vital to the success of a logo design project. It will become your point of reference… Read more

Stop Designing Forgettable Logos

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This guest post was written by Paul Galbraith, a freelance logo designer based in the UK, who works with clients worldwide to produce successful logos, identities and rebrands for all types of businesses. ### With thousands of logos being created each year, it makes it extremely difficult for new ones to be designed that have something distinguishable to make them stand out, whilst staying simple enough to be memorable. This difficulty could well mean you’re producing logos that, although well… Read more