10 Inspirational Japanese Digital Illustrators and Artists

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Japanese illustrators

The depth of artistic talent in Japan is simply amazing.

From early 2005, I was fortunate enough to spend three years living and working in Tokyo. During that time I encountered many great designers and artists by whom I was both inspired and humbled.

In this post, I have hand-selected ten Japanese digital illustrators and artists whose work is awe-inspiring. Some of them are well-renowned, while some are lesser-known. They are all extremely gifted.

Most of the sites are in Japanese, so where language may be a problem I have linked each image directly to the portfolio of the artist.

1. Masahiko Saga

Masahiko Saga creates Japanese styled illustrations that have incredible attention to detail.  One of his major influences is Japanese painter, Jakuchu Ito. Many of his recent works are of birds, created with Adobe Illustrator.

Japanese Design 1

2. Akiho Takasawa

Akihiko Takasawa’s anime influenced work draws from both modern and traditional Japanese culture.

Japanese Design 2

3. Daigo Fujiie

Daigo Fujiie’s bases his scenic designs on photographs.  His design tool of choice is Adobe Illustrator.

Japanese Design 3

4. Jun Oson

Jun Oson is a freelance illustrator who works across a variety of mediums.  His work has been displayed in a number of private and group art exhibitions throughout Japan.

Japanese Design 4

5. Masayoshi Mizuho

Masayoshi Mizuho gets the inspiration for his artwork from his travels around Japan.  His work is heavily nature-based.

Japanese Design 5

6. Fumiaki Muto

Fumiaki Muto started work as a digital print maker in 1994 after working as a clothes textile designer and paper bag designer. Birds and nature are common themes in his work.

Japanese Design 6

7. Yuki Komatsubara

Yuki Komatsubara uses 3D modeling software, Photoshop and Illustrator to create designs influenced by computer games and pop culture.

Japanese Design 7

8. Tomomi Masuda

Tomomi Masuda’s style is very unique.  Many of her works feature a variety of animals arranged in a collage-like form.

Japanese Design

9. Chiaki Suwama

Chiaki Suwama is a freelance illustrator.  She is an accomplished artist and has lectured on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop at art universities in Japan.

Japanese Design

10. Akira Yoshida

Akira Yoshida is an award-winning illustrator and flash animator. He creates illustrations for websites, games, pamphlets, and anime magazines.

Japanese Illustrator

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