Google Reader and Declaring RSS Bankruptcy

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RSS Feed

Over the past few months my RSS feed reader of choice, Google Reader, has officially gone into meltdown. Well not the application itself, but more so my ability to manage the 412 blog subscriptions that I have “acquired” over time. This is not the first time this has happened either. It was only about 6 months ago that the number of sites I was subscribing to crept up to a whopping 564. Mental chaos ensued, I then slowly peeled that… Read more

HOW TO: Use Facebook Advertising to Get More Clients

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If you would like to know how we secured more clients for our business using Facebook advertising – read on. Having become a little bit disgruntled with the rising cost of Google Adwords, I recently ran a 2 week micro-test of Facebook advertising. The rules were simple: 2 weeks, budget of $4 per day – see how many client we could secure. The results were outstanding. Three new clients in 2 weeks – all due to Facebook advertising, at the… Read more

Selfish Self Promotion

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Selfish self promotion

When is it OK to straight out ask someone to promote your content? You know, send someone an email or tweet and say something like “Hey, I wrote this really cool article, can you help me promote it? ” I am not sure if there is a cut and dry answer, however I believe there are many bloggers who are going about it the wrong way. Self Promotion or Self Demotion? Not a day would go by that I… Read more

How Can We Improve the Design Community?

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The amount of noise in the online design community is incredible. By noise, I mean distraction. Distracting content that is just whizzing around in cyberspace not really adding any value to anyone or anything. Actually there is so much noise, that it is almost deafening. Due to this, it is becoming increasingly difficult to filter out what is useful from what is, well…rubbish. Think about it. There are already countless design blogs, and dozens more being launched everyday. There are… Read more