Just Launched: Best Sandwiches London iPhone App

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Best Sandwiches London iPhone App

If you don’t live in London, will never visit London, and/or you have no interest in sandwiches or iPhone apps, you may want to tune out now. Admittedly, things on the blogging front have been a bit quieter than usual recently. The main reason being that behind the scenes we’ve never been busier. Whilst juggling a couple of branding projects, we have also been designing our very first iPhone app. The app is called Best Sandwiches London and is now… Read more


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I absolutely love sandwiches. In fact, I love them so much I’m currently making an iPhone app to help Londoners locate the best sandwiches in the city (you heard it first here). The images above come from Scanwiches, a Tumblr blog featuring scanned images of the inside of various sandwiches. The man behind the project is designer and fellow sandwich enthusiast Jon Chonko. Bravo, sir, bravo. Via Subtraction.… Read more