Lineposters: Minimalist Subway Prints

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Lineposters has a superbly crafted series of minimalist subway prints available for purchase on Etsy.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • I’d love a subway print like that in my town. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Emjackson37

    where do I order these?!?!?!

  • Sarah Parker

    the station tags or some street labels on it, I think these are just
    decoration pieces. They can only work for person who is well aware of the
    cities and can read its map without the signs. But why would a person who is
    well aware of the city need a map? Maps are usually for the visitors and
    tourists. How a tourist can read this without any labels or indicators?
    Secondly, nowadays we have free maps with better features on almost every
    mobile phone, so again they are only decoration peices

  • I would like to order for that, hows should i do. Please kindly help me to do that.

  • emsmith

    These are cool pieces.

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