Japan Earthquake Tributes

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The devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan, provides yet another reminder of just how fragile life can be. Having spent quite a bit of time in Japan over the years, personally the past 24 hours have been very worrying. Thankfully, I can report that my friends and family living in Japan are all okay. It’s always nice to see the design community coming together to support a worthy cause, and these designs on Dribbble are a… Read more

Dribbble Invite Giveaway

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Dribbble is a show and tell community where designers and developers share screenshots of designs and applications they are working on. The Dribbble community is invite only, and scoring an invitation is extremely competitive. Dribbble Invitation Giveaway I have been part of the Dribbble community for roughly six months now, and have finally been granted my first invitation. Given the growing community we have here, I figured the fairest way to hand out the invitation would be to post a… Read more

Google Design Job on Dribbble

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As advertised on Dribbble, Google is hiring icon designers! From the official job description: As a graphic designer, you are responsible for creating and maintaining high visibility graphics and visual assets that define the look and feel of Google. You will also be responsible for creating iconography and branding elements for both new and existing Google products. You work closely with product manager, marketing managers, and engineers to create high impact visual assets, both static and interactive. You will work… Read more

Favwork. An interesting alternative to Dribbble.

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Can’t get a Dribbble invite? You might want to try Favwork. Favwork is open to anyone who has creative work they want to share. Web designers, logo designers, typographists, illlustrators, artists, and so on. There is no ‘invite only’ pre-requisite or exclusivity for joining, anyone can join and your work will appear on the home page if you get enough likes. …The idea is that you upload just one item of work (your favorite) and change it every now and… Read more

Logobird – Behind the Scenes and Recent Work

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From time to time I will be bringing you a look at what has been going on behind the scenes at Logobird. The aim of the post is to share with you some recent personal developments and to keep you updated on what we have been working on. Logobird has moved Firstly, some of you may be aware that I have recently relocated interstate from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. The move is only temporary as my wife and I… Read more

Are you designing logos for portfolios or clients?

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I was recently having a discussion with another designer who claimed that most talented logo designers are naturally gifted. The gist of his thoughts was that some designers simply had an ‘eye’ for creating brilliant logos. In his words, you either had ‘it’ or you didn’t. To give examples of designers who he thought had ‘it’ I was referred to some logos he had seen on a popular logo design gallery. If a logo design was a competition based on… Read more