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This brief guest post was written by Perth-based Customer Experience Design and Marketing Consultant, Bernadette Jiwa. The article is in response my previous post on Google and logo design. More food for thought perhaps.


Couldn’t you just throw your hands in the air and jump up and down doing a merry dance at the unfairness of how Google ranks logo designers.

The good guys (and girls), the really great guys can’t possibly get a look in. Search is flawed, rigged to favour the firms with the most history, muscle and backlinks. Google can’t differentiate between big average Joe and tiny exceptional you.

How can ‘the average person’ find you amongst 150 million logo design search results?

They can’t.

But hang on a second………..think about this. Do you really want them to? Do you want to do your best work for ‘the average person’?

Do you really want to create great designs for the kind of business that needs a quick and dirty $99 banal, off the peg logo to slap on something in a big hurry?

Designers never set out to be average, they don’t even set out to be good. Mostly they want to be ‘the best in the world’.

Being the ‘best in the world’ doesn’t mean being on the first page of 150 million links in Google search.

So don’t worry that Google doesn’t understand tiny exceptional you.


Image by Mark Knol

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