How To: Fix Adobe InDesign to PDF Character Conversion Problem

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If you are a graphic designer and frequently convert Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files to PDF’s, you have probably encountered issue with the “i” and “l” characters rendering too thick. If you are using PDF’s for client presentations, this can be a major problem that potentially could compromise the acceptance of an otherwise great design. Here is an example of the problem. If you look closely at the “I” characters you can see that they are slightly bolder than they… Read more

The Ultimate Productivity Tip for Logo Designers

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Ultimate Productivity Tip for Logo Designers

Picture this. You sit down in front of your computer in the morning, eager and ready to get some work done. Suddenly, you realise that a couple of hours have passed and you are still on TweetDeck, trawling though Google Reader and checking emails. You wonder to yourself, what on earth happened to the last 3 hours… I am sure that the situation above will sound familiar to many of you. It was a regular problem for me, that was… Read more