Yosemite HD [Video]

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Project Yosemite

This brilliantly compiled timelapse titled, Project Yosemite, is the work of talented photographers, Sheldon Neil and Colin Delehanty (stop now and check out their stunning portfolios). The timelapses were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II with Canon L and Zeiss CP.2 Lenses. Best viewed in full-screen. If this doesn’t inspire you, check your pulse! (Thx Gerry)… Read more

Tokyo Time Lapse [Video]

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Tokyo Time Lapse

Having spent nearly half of my 20s in Tokyo, it strangely feels like my home away from home. This near-magical time lapse video by Samuel Cockedey captures the vibe of the city perfectly. Extra points for the Blade Runner soundtrack. For maximum effect, I recommend watching the video in full-screen with headphones on, and scaling set to off. (via @iA)… Read more

The Alphabet 2 [Video]

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The Alpahbet 2 is a clever stop motion animation video where each character represents the meaning of the word itself. If that made no sense at all, just watch the video. (via Clossal)… Read more

The Science Channel Rebrands [Video]

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The Science Channel has been rebranded by creative studio and production company, Imaginary Forces. The rebrand is centred around a fictional character, Morph – whom you will meet in the slick introductory video below. In an interview with Fast Co. Design, Art Director Ronnie Koff boldly states: Now that technology has reached the point where everything is some moving form of media, logos are going to be designed for that kind of media first. There’s no reason to make a… Read more