A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer

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Graphic Designer Life

Update 14/09/2011: I’ve just received email confirmation from the good people at The Design Bureau of Amerika, advising that another print run of “Another Day Another Dropshadow” is in the works. The print is now available for pre-order at a discounted price. Full details here. A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer is a sweet new print from The Design Bureau of Amerika. (Via Laughing Squid)… Read more

Logo Designer Interviews: Leighton Hubbell

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Logo Designer Interviews: Leighton Hubbell

I am hugely excited about this post in our Logo Designer Interviews series. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Southern California-based designer, Leighton Hubbell. Leighton is an exceptionally talented designer whose award-winning design career started more than 20 years ago. His logo, identity, and graphic design work have appeared in no less than two dozen publications. His past client list includes Sheraton Hotels, Nestle USA, Samsung and many more prestigious names. A few days ago when I first … Read more

Logo Designer Interviews: Jacob Cass

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Logo Designer Interviews: Jacob Cass

Continuing our series of logo designer interviews, this week I was fortunate enough to interview fellow Aussie designer, blogger and web entrepreneur, Jacob Cass. Most of you may already know Jacob from his highly popular blogs, Just Creative Design and Logo of the Day. Since moving from Australia to the U.S. in January, Jacob has worked for NYC-based new media marketing agency, Carrot Creative, and has recently joined, The Wonder Factory. To stay updated with future posts in this series… Read more

Developing an Effective Logo Design Brief

Logo Design Brief

This post was written with the client in mind, however may also prove to be a useful resource for other designers. To develop an effective brand identity for your business it is essential that you are proactively involved in the process from the start. A designer can’t possibly hope to design an effective logo without your input, which is why the very first step in a logo design process should always be the development of a detailed design brief. The… Read more

The Ultimate Productivity Tip for Logo Designers

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Ultimate Productivity Tip for Logo Designers

Picture this. You sit down in front of your computer in the morning, eager and ready to get some work done. Suddenly, you realise that a couple of hours have passed and you are still on TweetDeck, trawling though Google Reader and checking emails. You wonder to yourself, what on earth happened to the last 3 hours… I am sure that the situation above will sound familiar to many of you. It was a regular problem for me, that was… Read more

5 Awesome Applications for Running an Efficient Graphic Design Business

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I am frequently asked by other designers (and sometimes clients) what tools I use to run Logobird Designs. Let’s face it, running a graphic design business can be challenging, so if there is an application out there that helps you get things done in a more efficient way, you would be pretty silly not to use it. In this post, I will share with you some of my favourite applications I use to run Logobird in a more efficient way.… Read more

Are All Graphic Designers Logo Designers?

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Question mark

This is a guest post by Erik Ford from we are pixel 8, a boutique design and marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York. You can follow Erik on Twitter or read more of his writing on the wearepixel8 blog. I am a graphic designer. Does that mean I am a logo designer as well? I will start off by saying that the answer to that question is an emphatic no! Now, before you start screaming at… Read more